Macbook Decal Application Instructions

Application Instructions: How to Apply Your MacBook Decal


Please note: There is a slight difference in application between MacBook Pro (non-Retina) and MacBook Air or Pro Retina. Please read these instructions completely before beginning the application process

Step 1: Clean and dry the surface of your MacBook.

Step 2: Choose a burnishing tool. A credit card, gift card, or dull plastic loyalty card will work well.

Step 3: Place your MacBook on a flat surface in front of you -- with the opening facing you and the laptop completely closed. 

Step 4: Very slowly peel the backing away from two corners along one of the longer edges of the decal.

Step 5: While holding the decal taut, line up the edge of the decal with the edge of your laptop; adhere lightly. (For MacBook Pro: Press the corner pieces in place (there are 2 pieces per corner that wrap around the rounded laptop corners), holding each corner / corner piece down for a few seconds. 

If the decal corners are not in alignment with your laptop corners, carefully peel back up and reposition. When in alignment -- press down on both corners with your thumbs.

Step 6: Push a credit card across the top of the decal to smooth out air bubbles -- pushing outward. (Notice how the majority of the backing is still connected to the vinyl decal at this point)

Step 7: Continue pulling the backing away in small increments (1-2 inches), smoothing with a credit card as you go.

Step 8: When you get to the end, ensure the corners are in alignment. Starting with one corner, apply pressure with your finger to the corner / corner pieces, and carefully peel the backing completely off the decal on that side -- then continue pulling until it is completely removed. Apply pressure to the opposite corner to secure the decal completely.

Step 9: If one or more corners/edges is not completely secure, apply low heat from a hair dryer held at least 5 inches away for no more than 3 seconds per corner.

Step 10: Open your MacBook and watch it GLOW!

Additional Tips:

  • If you accidentally applied + burnished the decal with a credit card and it is sitting slightly crooked, do not peel it back. It may stretch or tear if already securely fastened to your laptop. Instead, use nail clippers or a small scissors to trim the material hanging off the edge.
  • When you’re ready to remove your decal permanently, there may be a small bit of adhesive left behind if it’s been secured for several months. Just wipe with a damp cloth in a circular motion (or rub it with your finger) and the adhesive will come right off.


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